How it all started

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Chad grew up on a farm in Deer River, Minnesota, where his family raised paddy wild rice, small grains, dairy and beef.  His grandfather, Frances Brink, was the first farmer to sell wild rice to Uncle Ben's.  Frances also ran an implement dealership in addition to farming the land and having cows.  Growing up, Chad absolutely loved the color red (Massey Ferguson red, that is).  Today Chad has become partial and switched over to green - John Deere green.  Not only does dirt run in his veins, but so does a passion for farming.

Many of our "dates" were spent in the cramped cab of a combine with tracks in the wild rice paddies.  Chad has always had a passion to do custom harvesting, but never got the chance to go on a harvest run.  He did work, however, for Harold Peterson in Murdock, Minnesota.  Chad thoroughly enjoyed the rush of the beet harvest.

We got married in October of 1998 after Lisa finished her college degree in physical therapy.  We purchased an 800  acre farm in Remer, Minnesota.  The farm has center pivots and tile where we farm wheat, soybeans and corn.  Over the years, not only did the number of acres grow but so did our family.  We now have four children.  The number of acres grew to 5800 acres which included rental acres as well as our home farm.  Without any warning to us, the 5000 acres of rented land was sold.  Immediately following the loss of those acres, we had three successive poor years in farming.  The first year we had an early frost in August that killed the soybean and corn.  The second year we had white mold that wiped out all of the soybeans and a low test weight on the corn (all you farmers know what 45 pound corn is worth).  Then the third year we had another frost that damaged the entire crop.  These lean years were coupled with the death of our huge supporter and "grandfather", Uncle Gene Brink.  At this point in our lives we had to face a challenge and decide which way to go.  The future of our family depended on it.  One of Chad's favorite sayings is “You can always step right or left but you should never go in reverse.” That is exactly what we did.  Since we had already been doing custom work in our local area, we decided to take a leap of faith and follow what God had planned for our lives.

Due to some amazing circumstances, we feel that God has led us down this path to do custom harvesting.  Our business motto is Jeremiah 29:11-13 “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Because of our own circumstances in the past, we understand the importance of getting a crop out of the field and into bins or taken to the elevator.  Dirt runs in Chad's veins, so when the farmer's crop is poor, we feel it.  We rejoice with the farmer when the crop is good.  Talking with Chad you will soon realize “We are farmers first and cutters second.” We take pride in providing a service to farmers with integrity.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Remember:  Never be afraid to jump off the fence or you will always leave yourself wondering "What if?”  May God bless you and your family.

Chad and Lisa Brink - Brink Farms Custom Harvesting